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“BOCOM HK” WeChat Official Account

The brand-new “BOCOM HK” WeChat Official Account (WeChat ID: BOCOM_HK) has been launched. You could keep abreast of the products, services and the promotional information of the bank. Additionally, you could bind your personal WeChat Account with your Internet Banking which enables you to master your banking account information via the “BOCOM HK” WeChat Official Account.

Please follow and bind with “BOCOM HK” WeChat Official Account now to enjoy our brand-new service!

Account Name 交銀香港
Account Type 交通銀行(香港)有限公司 Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Limited

Steps of following and Account Binding with BOCOM HK WeChat Official Account:
1. Open WeChat Application and scan the QR code as below or search BOCOM_HK

wechat bocom qr code

wechat search
2. Click Follow
click follow

Steps of following and Account Binding with BOCOM HK WeChat Official Account::
1. After following "BOCOM HK", click "銀行服務" -> "賬戶綁定/解綁", and click "立即綁定"

2. Follow the page instructions, and fill in the information needed

Remarks: Please do Account Binding after following the BOCOM HK WeChat Official Account.

Following, browsing and use of “BOCOM HK” WeChat Official Account and “BOCOM HK WeChat Official Account Service” is subject to respective terms and conditions. For details, please refer to

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