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Credit Card Cash Advance

Cardholder uses Bank of Communications credit card to perform credit card cash advance to get cash in a simple and fast way for your flexible use anytime at local or overseas!

Methods of Cash Withdrawal

1. Internet Banking1
(login Internet Banking -> Credit Card -> Cash Advance)

2. Mobile Banking2
(login Mobile Banking -> Credit Cards -> Cash Advance)

3. Local or Overseas ATM channel3

Cash deposit into your designated account maintained with our Bank directly for cash withdrawal

Cash withdrawal directly

1. Without Internet Banking Services, you may visit our Bank website to access the login page of Internet Banking, then the procedures for 'Activate Internet Banking', please click here for more details. Customers can activate Internet Banking in 'BOCOM(HK)' Mobile App, please click here for more details.
2. Without 'BOCOM(HK)' Mobile App, you may search 'BOCOM(HK)' at App Store or Google Play or click here to download our Mobile Banking App. Internet Banking Services must be activated before using our Mobile Banking Services. The same login credentials are used for Internet and Mobile Banking Services.
3. If you forget your ATM password, you may apply for re-issuance through the following channels: 1) Visit any outlets 2) Call the Bank's Customer Services Hotline : 223 95559.
4. If you forget your Internet/Mobile Banking password, you may click "Forgot Password?" in Login page, and follow the instruction to reset password.

Smart Tips for overseas cash withdrawal - Security measure for cash withdrawal at overseas ATM

You are required to activate your cards' overseas ATM cash withdrawal function (effective immediately upon activation) through below designated channels before you may perform cash withdrawal at overseas (including Cash Advance from credit card accounts):
1. The Bank's ATM Machine
2. Local JETCO ATM Machine
3. The Bank's Internet Banking (only available for customers who have registered for the Bank's Internet Banking)
4. Any outlets
5. Call the Bank's Customer Services Hotline: 223 95559

1. The cash advance amount cannot exceed the available credit limit. For cash advance, an interest will be calculated from the date of such advance to a date on which payment is received, please refer to "Bank of Communications Fees Schedule / Bank of Communications CUP Dual Currency Credit Card Fees Schedule" in Bank's website. For a cash advance without handling fee offer, the annualised percentage rate is (34.89% before 14 April 2024; 35.54% on or after 14 April 2024) based on the calculation of 3.5% handling fee of the cash advance amount. Annualised percentage rate (APR) is calculated according to the guidelines set out in the Code of Banking Practice and will be rounded up the nearest two decimal places. APR is a reference rate which expresses the fees and charges of respective product as an annualised rate.
2. Handling Fee of HKD25 per transaction will be charged for cash withdrawal through VISA PLUS Networks by using Bank of Communications Credit Card.
3. Other banks may charge handling fees for ATM cash withdrawal transactions. The Bank will not bear any responsibility for any handling fees imposed by other banks.
4. Credit Card Cash Advance Program is subject to terms and conditions. Please click here for details.

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