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At "BComBEST Private Services", we strive to provide thoughtful and tailored wealth management services that help you optimize the full potential of your wealth and enjoy a life of ease.

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You can enjoy the services and privileges offered exclusively to BComBEST Private Customers with a monthly average aggregate daily credit balance of HK$5,000,000 or above with the Bank*. Please visit any of our branches or call our customer service hotline for more information.

*"The Bank" refers to Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Limited. "Monthly average aggregate daily credit balance" is calculated on the basis of the monthly aggregate credit balance of the daily average of Saving Account, Current Account, Time Deposit Account, Securities Account, Equity Linked Investment Account, Debt Instrument Account, Investment Funds Account, Precious Metals and FX Margin Trading Account-Cash, Structured Deposit, MPF Account, outstanding balance of the Unsecured Loans Account and the Cash Values of Insurance Policies. If BComBEST Private Customers fail to maintain the required monthly average aggregate daily credit balance for 6 months consecutively, the Bank is entitled to issue the termination of service with not less than 1 month of notice. After terminating the BComBEST Private Services, customers will become "BComBEST Services" customers and have to fulfill the "Total Balance" criterion of HKD1,000,000 or a monthly maintenance fee of HKD300 will be charged.

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Customer Service Hotline: 223 95559

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