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Customer Services

1.   What services are offered under "Customer Services"?

Apply for Cheque Book – You may apply for receiving the cheque book though surface mail; Open Account – You may apply for opening saving & investment accounts;
Apply for BComBEST Services / BOCOM FORTUNE Services – You may apply for upgrading to the more flexible and dedicated financial services instantly;
Apply for "S² Payroll Account" Service - You may apply for S² Payroll Account for receiving salary payment;
Apply for Floating Overdraft Facility Service - only the client of BComBEST may apply for Floating OD Facilities Service for Current Account;
Pre-order Statement – You may apply for Current Account Statement, General Statement or BComBEST Account Summary;
Stop Cheque Payment – You may submit stop cheque payment instruction, enquire the cheque status and stop cheque records;
Safe Box Rent/ Deposit Payment – You may pay the safe box rent / deposit online;
Investment Profile Analysis – You may enquire / renew your Investment Profile Analysis questionnaire;
Update Self-Certificate form – You may submit your "Self-Certificate Form" and enquire the "Self-Certificate Form" records over the past 1 year.
FPS Addressing Service - You may register or enquire FPS Addressing Service and process Autopay Instruction authorization.

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Customer Service Hotline: 223 95559

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