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As the saying goes, "Parents worry, wherever their child may be". We fully understand how greatly concerned you are for your child as a parent. To allow your dear child to focus better on his or her studies in Hong Kong, we will be specifically addressing your concerns by providing various advance banking services for your Hong Kong-bound child, such as the opening of savings accounts and local ATM card application and processing. At the same time, to further cater to your cross-border financial needs, we will also be providing financial support services such as remittance, fee payments and fund transfers. Through witnessing arrangements for cross-border account opening services, available in various cities, we provide one-stop banking services for you, and complete financial arrangements in advance for your Hong Kong-bound child, fully assist him or her to start a new life as a student in Hong Kong, ease your concerns and giving you peace of mind.

Target customers:

  • OTO Private Banking Service customers (witnessing arrangement for cross-border account opening)

  • Non OTO Private Banking Service customers (opening of account in Hong Kong during arrival)

Service content:

Cross-border account opening services

  • As our esteem OTO Private Banking Service customer, you enjoy the exclusive cross-border account opening services, this service is specially tailored with your Hong Kong-bound child in mind. The branches of Bank of Communications in Mainland China serve as the witness, and open in advance necessary account of our bank, thereby ensuring well preparations, before arriving in Hong Kong.


Savings Account Service

  • We provide a multi-currency statement savings account, which allow deposits to be made in Hong Kong Dollars and many other currencies. Through our monthly statement service, both you and your child will be able to fully control expenses in various areas and flexibly manage your wealth.
  • After your child arrives Hong Kong, he or she can enjoy the various banking services provided through the numerous retail branches scattered across each district, such as using a local ATM card to withdraw cash for daily expenses. At present, there are JETCO labeled ATMs at all tertiary institutions across Hong Kong, providing flexibility and convenience, the ATM cards can be used to withdraw cash not only in Hong Kong and also at overseas UnionPay-labeled ATMS.


Phone Banking/Online Banking/Mobile Banking Service

  • You may use our bank's "Phone Banking", "Online Banking" and "Mobile Banking" serve to operate your account in HK such as account balance enquiry, carry out foreign currency exchange, fully grasp and strategize on your financial status in a timely manner.
  • You may also access transaction details of other Bank of Communications accounts in Mainland China through our "Online Banking" service, thus enabling cross-regional flexibility and convenience.


Payment Service

  • Via our bank's "Phone Banking", "Online Banking" and "Mobile Banking" service to conduct e-payment for settlement of various daily expenses, such as tuition fees, hostel fees, miscellaneous expenses and mobile phone charges etc, in timely and manageable manner. 


If you have any queries, please contact our customer services hotline at 223 95559 during office hours.

With regard to matters pertaining to cross-border account opening services, please contact your OTO Private Banking Service Investment Consultant.  


Terms and Conditions:

The content in this page is only for reference, with regard to the content of services of Mainland student in Hong Kong, please refer to the service terms and conditions for the relevant product.   


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