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Two-factor Authentication

1.   What is "Two-factor Authentication"?

"Two-factor Authentication" refers to a method which is designed to verify customers' identify online.
In order to safeguard our customers' interests, we require some high-risk transactions be verified with a separate password.
Only if the password is input and authenticated will such transactions proceed to completion. That will help enhance the security of transactions.

2.   What are the "Two-factor Authentication" methods?

"SMS one-time password" and "Security Device" /”Mobile Token”(only applicable for personal account) are two typical "Two-factor Authentication" methods for Internet Banking Services.

3.   Which Internet Banking services require Two-factor Authentication?

The services are as follows:

  • Fund Transfer to BOCOM Accounts (Non-registered Account)
  • Fund Transfer to Local Bank Accounts (Non-registered Account)
    • CHATS
    • FPS (Transfer to unsaved payee/Daily transfer amount accumulated more than HKD 10,000 or your Small Value Fund Transfer limit)
  • Fund Transfer to Overseas Bank Accounts (Non-registered Account)
  • Bill payment services (Applicable to designated merchants)
    • Real Time Payment
    • Standing Instruction (New or amend instruction)
  • Open Account
  • Update Personal Information
  • Enquiry e-Statement and e-Advice
  • Activate / Increase Overseas Cash Withdrawal Service Setting / Limit
  • Securities Services/ Investment Fund Services/ Bond Services
  • Increasing the limit of Small Value Fund Transfer, registered and non-registered beneficiary accounts or Bill Payment limit
  • Register beneficiary accounts
  • FPS Addressing Service
  • Electronic Direct Debit Authorization

4.   How to conduct high-risk transactions on Internet Banking Services?

You need to possess a “Security Device” or “Mobile Token” and/or have registered for SMS services to conduct high-risk transactions.

5.  Is "Two-factor Authentication" service free of charge?


Security Device

1.   What should I do if I lost my Security Device?

If you have lost your "Security Device", please report loss on the Internet Banking Services ("My Settings" > "Security Device" > "Report Loss") or contact our Customer Services Hotline for assistance.

2.  Can I cancel the Security Device service?

If you would like to cancel the Security Device service, please visit our branches for application and return the Security Device to us.

3.  Is there a charge for getting a "Security Device"?

It is free of charge to get a "Security Device" for the first time, yet HKD $100 is required for a new device if you report loss of your original device. You can also repair the Security Device with a new device for free in our branches under the following two conditions: 1. The original device is out of battery; 2. The original device is no longer functional.

4.   Can I use the "Security Device" immediately after I have received it from BOCOM branch?

No. You have to activate the Security Device in advance. Please access "My Settings" > "Security Device" > "Activation / Setting" on the Internet Banking platform and follow the instructions to activate your Security Device.

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