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About Internet Banking

1.    What is "Internet Banking"?

"Internet Banking" refers to the online services on our Internet Banking platform, which can be accessed by connecting to our website through Internet browser.

2.   What are the services provided on Internet Banking Services?

Customers can access the following services via Internet:
1. Account Enquiry
2. Funds Transfer
3. Securities Services
4. Time Deposit
5. Foreign Exchange / FX Margin
6. Bill Payment
7. Credit Card
8. Insurance
9. Loan Services
10. Deposit EXTRA
11. Bonds Investment Services
12. Funds Investment Services
13. MPF Services
14. "Chat Now" Services
15. Customer Services
16. Service Settings
17. E-statements

3.   How to access Internet Banking Services?

You may access our website at, select "Internet Banking" button and click the "Login" icon. Then, please enter your User Name and Password to login to Internet Banking Services.

4.   How to ensure that the transaction order(s) has been executed ?

When the transaction order(s) is confirmed, the system would provide a corresponding reference number for that transaction. You may also access "My Account" > "Recent Operation Record" to verify the completion of the transaction order.

5.   If my computer suddenly hangs / shuts down when I was conducting transaction(s), how can I confirm whether the transaction order has been executed?

You can login to the "Internet Banking" platform again, and access "My Account" > "Recent Operation Record" to verify the completion of the transaction order. If there is any further problem, please visit any of our branches or call our Customer Services Hotline at (852) 223 95559 for enquiries.

6.   How can I print out the transaction record after the transaction is completed?

You can use the printing function of your Internet browser to print out the transaction record.

7.   Is there any time limit for using the Internet Banking Services?

If the session has been idled for 20 minutes , our system will logout for you automatically so as to prevent third parties from using your Internet Banking account.

8.   How to logout from Internet Banking Services?

After completing all your transaction(s) on Internet Banking Services, you have to logout from the system by clicking "Logout" icon.

9.   Is Internet Banking Services free of charge?

Internet Banking Services is free of charge, however, certain online transactions are charged. For details, please refer to the Bank Charges section.

10. How to apply for Internet Banking Services?

Customers who have deposits accounts can visit any of our branches with HKID Card or other identification document(s) to apply for Internet Banking Services. In addition, customers who have Credit Card/ ATM card/ Telephone Banking accounts can activate the Internet Banking account directly by using the password of Credit Card / ATM card / Telephone Banking accounts.

11. Is Internet Banking Services available 24-hour a day?

Yes. However, some online services are available during service hour only. For details, please refer to the Service Hour section on Internet Banking.

12. Can I access Internet Banking Services when I am overseas?


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