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Simply bind your Bank of Communications (BOCOM) Credit Card with Mobile Banking App to use UnionPay QR Code Payment Services. You can make a payment via scanning UnionPay QR Code at any merchants who accepts UnionPay QR Code services around the globe. Making payment is more easier without showing physical card!

In order to use the UnionPay QR Code Payment Services, BOCOM UnionPay Credit Card Cardholders are required to log on to Mobile Banking with Mobile Token or Biometric Authentication, and your UnionPay Credit Card should have already been bound. Please refer to below steps for details.

Step 1: Binding UnionPay Credit Card
1) Click “All” in BOCOM(HK) Mobile App, then click “UnionPay QR Code Payment Settings”.
2) Log on to Mobile Banking.
3) Select UnionPay Credit Card for binding, read and agree with the “Terms and Conditions for UnionPay QR Code Payment Services”, then submit your request.
4) Card binding will be completed after reconfirmation of your request.

Step 2: Use UnionPay QR Code to make a payment
1) Click “QR Code Receive / Pay” in main page of BOCOM(HK) Mobile App.
2) Log on to Mobile Banking.
3) If this is the first time to use the service, “Terms and Conditions for QR Code Services” will be shown, please click “Agree and Confirm” after reading.
4) If your UnionPay Credit Card is bound and still valid, you can make a payment with the below method:
i. Scan (Open Scanner to scan merchant QR Code to make a payment) or
ii. Pay (Create UnionPay QR Code for merchant scan to make a payment)


Please refer to FAQ for more information about UnionPay QR Code Payment Services. Please click here for merchants who accepts UnionPay QR Code Payment.
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Please click here for Security Tips of using Mobile Banking Services.


Using UnionPay QR Code Payment Services is subject to terms and conditions, please click here for details.


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