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You are eligible to apply for the Octopus AAVS which will save your time from queuing up to reload your Octopus card. You may at the same time apply for the Octopus AAVS for up to 3 relatives and friends who are aged 12 or above as well as your supplementary cardholder can independently apply for the Octopus AAVS. The AAVS amount can be set as HK$250 or HK$500*.


Besides, every automatic reloading made by you, your relatives and friends as well as supplementary cardholder will earn cash rebate or bonus points and enjoy up to 55 days interest-free repayment period.  


 *Should applicants who opt for auto-reloading HK$500 per transaction want to switch to another bank that only provides the option of auto-reloading HK$250 per transaction thereafter, applicants should either change the auto-reloading amount to HK$250 or cancel the AAVS before switching to another bank. Applicants are required to pay Octopus Cards Limited a non-refundable handling fee. 


Bank of Communications Credit Card Octopus Automatic Add Value Service Application Form

Bank of Communications Credit Card Octopus Automatic Add Value Service - Change of AAVS Form

Octopus Automatic Add Value Agreement


There is no application fee for first time Applicants for the AAVS. For existing users of the AAVS, there is a non-refundable handling fee of HK$20 charged by Octopus Cards Limited for transferring the AAVS from one bank to another, or reactivation of the AAVS following suspension.  Such fee will be charged to the AAVS account by the Bank.

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