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    Stock Trading Service

    Simple Tariff Easy Calculation

    • Clear and simple tariff will help you determine accurate return on investment. Enjoy preferential brokerage fee by trading stocks via Internet, Securities Mobile Application or Automated IVR Telephone.

    Multiple Channels To Complete Your Deals

    • Transactions via the Internet
    • Securities Mobile Application
    • Automated IVR telephone service (Phone Securities Trading User Guide)
    • Operator-assisted hotline
    • Securities counters in outlets

    Quick and Convenient Automatic Transactions

    • By connecting you directly to the SEHK mainframe, we make every transaction a simple and swift experience.

    24-hours Online and Mobile Securities Placing Order Service

    • You can place securities order 24-hours* through Internet or Securities Mobile Application to enhance your investing power and potential returns whenever and wherever you are.

    *At Auction order is exclusive.

    Listed RMB Securities Trading Service

    • BOCOM provides Listed RMB Securities Trading and IPO Subscription Services. Well equipped with solid system support and a pool of talented RMB experts help you to grasp every investment opportunity. Now you can through our Internet, Securities counter in branch, Operator-assisted securities hotline or Mobile Banking to use such services.

    Flexible Order Placing

    • Good Till Date Order
      Good Till Date Order is a limited order that the effective time can be extended to the specified "Good Till Day", the expiring date may be one week or before (including Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays). The order is delivered to the market when placed and will be effective until the closing of the market on "Good Till Day". If your order is "Partially Filled" before "Good Till Day", "Non-execute quantity" will be cancelled.
    • Trigger Order
      Trigger Order is an order to buy/sell for stock when the price goes up/down to a specified level (i.e. Trigger Price) for a certain quantity. Also, you are requested to set a "Stop Price" at which the order will be suspended. For those quantities that are not executed, it will be placed on the Bid/Ask queue of such stock in the market.

    Flexible Fund Utilization Through Instant Fund Availability

    • Receivables from sold stocks can immediately be used on new buy orders and no need to wait for clearing. Now you can have more flexibility in switching stocks and grasp every investment opportunity.

    Comprehensive Brokerage Services to Give You Peace of Mind

    • Enjoy our trusted services in collecting dividends ,bonus shares, subscribing for new shares and replying corporate action services. Now you can focus on making profits.

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      Securities Mobile Application

      Securities Mobile Application securities mobile application

      • Securities Mobile Application is tailor-made mobile securities trading platform for IOS and Android users. With an advanced interface, users can obtain timely market news and capture every investment opportunity.
        Key functions of Securities Mobile Application include:

        1. Securities Trading
        • Various order types are provided: Enhanced Limit Order, Trigger Order and At-auction Limit Order
        2. Order Journal
        • Enquire order status of the trade day
        3. Market News
        • Provide latest financial information which enables you to grasp market pulse
        4. Stock Quote
        • Provide real-time stock quotation and chart analysis after login to facilitate wise investment decision
        5. Fund Transfer
        • Allow instant transfer of funds between your securities account and savings account
        6. Transaction History
        • Offer order history enquiry within a month
        7. Price Alert
        • Track desired stock price to seize investment opportunities, making wealth management at ease
        8. Portfolio
        • Enquire total stock balance and shares of holding
        9. IPO Application
        • Paperless IPO subscription service leads you to efficient and environmental-friendly application process
        • Via IPO margin subscription service, loan amount of IPO financing can be as much as 90% of subscription amount to maximize your subscription power
        10. Reply Corporate Actions
        • Offering a flexible and time saving corporate action reply service, enable you to manage the corporate action anywhere.

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      Etnet x BOCOM(HK)

      • Customers of BOCOM(HK) can now use ET NET APPs to connect with our Securities Mobile Application (BOCOM(HK) APP). After connection, the customers can access the securities trading platform by simply logging in the BOCOM(HK) APP (with 2-factor authentication). The stock code and buy/sell direction are automatically filled in the trading page, which make the customers' trading faster and more convenient.

      For details, please click here.

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      IPO Services and IPO Financing Services

      • Initial Public Offering refers to a company or institution initially offers new shares, bonds or certificate of deposit for the sake of expanding business and loans repayment. Distribution points of prospectuses and subscription forms for IPO are set out in the prospectus of issuers. Prospectuses can be distributed electronically as long as printed copies are also available in the market. Investors can also check with receiving banks for details about distribution of prospectuses as well as application procedures. Before applying IPO, investors should read the details of prospectus and know all possible risks.
      • You can subscribe through Securities Mobile Application, Internet, Operator-assisted Hotline and our outlets. Allotted shares are deposited directly into your securities account, ready for your command on the IPO date.
      • Increase your investment capabilities with an IPO Financing is offered to eligible customers for selected IPO of up to 90% of the value of shares subscribed. You can subscribe through Securities Mobile Application, Internet, Operator-assisted Hotline and our outlets.

      For details of service charges, please refer to our Bank Charges or enquire our customer services.

      Please refer to "FAQ" for detailed information

      Note: If you want to apply with Yellow Forms or via electronic means (if applicable) through Bank of Communications, you must first open a securities account and have sufficient funds available for the subscription. A $100 handling fee will be charged regardless of the subscription results. Other subscription-related fees are already included in the total cost, including 1% brokerage commissions, 0.0027% transaction levy, 0.005% SEHK trading fee and 0.00015% Accounting and Financial Reporting Council transaction levy.

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      Monthly Stocks Investment Plan

      Build Your Fortune By Small Monthly Investment

      • Bank of Communications helps you invest smart and build a fortune by means of small regular installments to make long-term investments in your favourite stocks. You only need to invest HK$1,000 per month to become a shareholder of listed companies.

      Earning Credit Card Gift Points by Making Contribution via Credit Card

      • Monthly contribution can be made through autopay from your BOCOM Settlement Account under EFC Securities Services or Credit Card. You can earn the credit card gift points by settling the contribution payment with BOCOM Credit Card, you can earn 1 bonus point for $1 monthly contribution (Maximum up to 5,000 points).

      Monthly Stocks Investment Plan Lets You:

      • Comfort with short-term market volatility
      • Earn return on capital gain in booming market
      • Entitle shareholders' interests like dividends and bonus shares
      • High flexibility to amend and terminate monthly payment without charges
      • Enjoy lower entrance fee in investing stocks

      For the list of stocks available for the Monthly Stocks Investment Plan, please click here.

      Please refer to "FAQ" for detailed information

      Application Procedure

      • Customers can return the completed application form to any of our outlets, or via online submission for application.

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      SMS /Email Transmission Service


      • SMS /Email Notification Service allows you to receive the most up-to-date information via the SMS and Email message sent to your mobile phone and your email address, including the execution results of your securities trading order* and IPO allotment result from Bank of Communications. The service is convenient and free of charge.

      * The execution results include" Fully executed", "Fully cancelled", "Partially executed", "Rejected" and "EIPO (allotment result)".

      Application Procedure

      • Please visit any of our outlets.

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      Online Free Real-Time Quotes

      Grasp Every Market Movement With Free Real-Time Quotes

      • Free Internet real time stock quote service provides you the most updated market information to assist you in making adequate investment decision. Real time stock quote hotline can also help you to enquire stock price anytime, anywhere.
      Free Internet and Mobile real time stock quote service
      Basic quote 200 free real time stock quotes per month. 300 free real time stock quotes per month for BOCOM FORTUNE account. 500 free real time stock quotes per month for BComBest account. (Remaining Basic quotes for present month cannot be accumulated to next month.)
      Extra quote Customer can get 50 free quotes on the next trading day after processing one successful trading order. (Remaining Extra quotes for present month can be accumulated to next month)
      Purchase quote Customer can purchase real time stock quote at HK$0.1 per quote, the minimum purchasing amount is HK$50 for 500 quotes. Customer can get purchase quote service through I-Trade or contact stock trading hotline representatives. (Remaining Purchase quotes for present month can be accumulated to the next month.)
      Services hours
      Mon. to Fri. 9:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
      1:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.
      (Exclude Saturday, Sunday and public holiday)

      Note: If all free real time stock quotes are used, customers can enjoy our quick stock quote service in which the information display is about 15 minutes delay from the market.

      I-Trade Streaming Quote Service

      • Introduction
        Streaming Quote Service is a comprehensive and prestigious securities information service providing our customers with tools to monitor any changing stock market. Customer can make use of the Teletext which is the interface to grasp the dynamic instant price quote and information. Thus, our customers can be aware of the change of the market and receive detailed information as well as technical data for analysis.

      • Supported Browser
        Support Internet Explorer (Version 10 or higher)、Chrome (Version 31 or higher) and Firefox (Version 38 or higher)

      • Streaming Quote Service Charge
        The service fee will be calculated on a monthly basis. The basic charge is HK$ 348 per month.
        The following monthly service charge can be waived if monthly brokerage commission accumulates HK$4,000 or more.

      • Application Procedure
        Customers should complete the application form and return the form to any of our outlets for application. Application instruction received by the Bank on or before the 25th day of each calendar month will be effective on the first business day of the subsequent month. Otherwise, any application instruction received by the Bank on or after the 26th day of each calendar month will be effective on the first business day of the second calendar month following the date of instruction.

        For enquiry, please contact our Customer Services Hotline at (852) 223 95559.

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      Open Securities Account Online

      • You can open a new securities' trading account via e-banking services with a several easy steps at anytime. When our bank has successfully received your application, securities account can be operated immediately*. Easy for you to grasp investment opportunities anytime.

        * If you are licensed / registered person or any employee of licensed corporations / registered institutions, please bring your employer's consent letter to visit any of our outlets to open securities accounts in person.

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      Reply Corporate Actions via Internet/ Securities Mobile Application

      • Internet / Securities Mobile Application provide 8 categories of corporate action reply order, including scrip option, rights issue, conditional takeover, unconditional takeover, preferential offer, open offer, warrant exercise and privatization, a flexible and time saving reply service enable you to handle the registration, change and cancellation of equity items anywhere.

      Remark: Information will be kept for 10 days started from the reply deadline, for easy reference.

      Please refer to "FAQ" for detailed information

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      BOCOM WeChat HK Official Account – Corporate Action Notification

      After the account binding in the “BOCOM HK” WeChat Official Account, a WeChat notification will be sent to remind you to make a corporate action reply if a corporate action is taking place on your shareholding.


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          Securities e-Statement Service

          Go paperless with e-Statement and save the earth by one click,

          • Care the Earth- Support the environment and use less paper
          • Greater Convenience- Send directly to your designated Internet Banking mailbox, much faster than by post
          • Save your Space- All Securities e-Statement will be retained for 12 months from the mailing date. Simply download your e-Statement for save-keeping and future use.

          Internet / Securities Mobile Application Portfolio Instant Gain and Loss Display Function

          • The Internet / Securities Mobile Application Portfolio Instant Gain and Loss Display Function is a NEW feature within the BOCOM(HK) Securities Internet Banking & BOCOM(HK) Securities Mobile Application, which allows customers to demonstrate their Reference Average Purchase Price and the Real time gain and loss of the portfolio. The instant information would greatly facilitate customers in making their trading decisions.


          Please refer to "FAQ" for detailed information of the Internet / Securities Mobile Application Portfolio Instant Gain and Loss Display Function.

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          Securities Mobile Application AI Stock Filter Function

          • The AI Stock Filter is a built-in function in the BOCOM (HK) Securities Mobile Application. The AI Stock Filter presets various stock selection strategies with objective criteria for the customers to find out the eligible stocks. The customers can also set their own strategies in the AI Stock Filter for stock selections. Since then, the customers can make use of their own strategies to find out the stocks. In the Search Results, the customers can either click “BUY/SELL” buttons to trade, or “STOCK QUOTE” button to view the detailed information of individual stocks. It is very convenient and easy to use.

          Please refer to "FAQ" for detailed information of the AI Stock Filter.

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          For enquiries, please visit any of our outlets or call our customer service hotline.


          Risk Disclosure Statement

          • The prices of securities fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. The price of a security may move up or down, and may become valueless. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling securities.
          • Investment involves risks. The offering document should be read for further details. (Where past performance is quoted) The past performance figures shown are not an indication of future performance.
          • Information presented on the AI Stock Filter does not take into account individual client circumstances, objectives or needs and is not intended as recommendations of particular investment products to particular clients. You shall be solely responsible for making their own independent assessment with consideration of their own circumstances, objectives or needs.
          • The information provided in the AI Stock Filter is prepared by ET NET. However, the information provided has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission or any regulatory authority in Hong Kong.

          Contact Us

          Customer Service Hotline: 223 95559

          Please visit any of our outlets