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Foreign Domestic Helper Insurance gives a worry-free workplace for your domestic helper

Provide the employee's compensation protection to your domestic helper according the Employee's Compensation Ordinance plus other comprehensive protection. Comprehensive coverage protects you and your domestic helper in case of any unpredictable accidents happened to your domestic helper.

Foreign Domestic Helper Comprehensive Insurance


Plan A - Standard Plan
In the event of your domestic helpers shall sustain bodily injury or death by accident or disease arising out of and in the course of employment. Plan A will indemnify you against your legal liability in respect of such bodily injury or death under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance, with maximum limit up to HK$100,000,000.

Plan B - Comprehensive Plan
In addition to the coverage provided under Plan A, we will provide you with the following additional coverage subject to the limits stated in the Table of Benefits.

  • 24 hours personal accident
  • Clinical Expenses
  • Surgical & Hospitalization Expenses
  • Dental Expense
  • Repatriation Expenses
  • Replacement Expenses
  • Temporary Helper Expense

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China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd.

Please visit the website of China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd. ( for more information about the China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd. or download the form which is applicable to this insurance plan.


Important Notice:
Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”) distributes the product for China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd. The insurance plan is a product of China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd. but not the Bank. In respect of an eligible dispute (as defined in the Terms of Reference for the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre in relation to the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme) arising between the Bank and the customer out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, the Bank is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the customer.

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