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To enhance your repayment flexibility, you may choose to pay as low as 5% of the statement balance.

Worldwide Cash Advance Services

You may withdraw cash at JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong, worldwide VISA ATM networks and/or any VISA member banks (applicable for VISA Credit Card only) or worldwide CUP ATM networks and / or any CUP member banks (applicable for CUP Dual Currency Credit Card only) to meet your financial need.

55 Days Interest-free Repayment Period

You may enjoy up to 55 days interest-free repayment period for all retail purchases using your Bank of Communications Credit Card.

ATM Services

With your Bank of Communications Credit Card, you may access up to 2 of your bank accounts opened with us through the ATM network, including drawing cash and checking account balance.

Free Phone and Internet Banking Services

Through our Phone Banking Services at (852) 2929 6888 or Internet Banking Services, you may check account balance, credit card statement and your transaction details (Internet Banking Services only). If you are our existing Internet and Phone Banking Services customer, your new credit card will be automatically linked up as a designated sub-account with your existing account. This enables you to transfer fund between your credit card and other bank accounts such as credit card payment and cash advance.


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To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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