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Professional and comprehensive "Dazzling RMB Services" enhances your competitive edges by connecting you between Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Bank of Communications keeps abreast of the rapid development of economy in China to provide a comprehensive array of Renminbi Services catering your financial needs.

Deposit Services

We offer a wide variety of convenient personal RMB deposit services to meet your financial requirements, including:
Current Deposits: Renminbi cheques can be issued for the purpose of making payments for personal consumer spending in Guangdong Province (including Shenzhen), and are subject to the daily clearing limit of RMB80,000.
Time Deposits and Club Deposits: Flexible plans are available to fulfill your different needs.
(Please click Savings Deposits, Current Deposits, Time Deposits and Club Deposits for more information.)

Investment Services

We provide a variety of RMB investment choices, including investment funds, bonds, structured deposits, “Deposit EXTRA” Investment Deposit (currency linked deposit) and securities, etc. to diversify your investment portfolio and capture market opportunities according to your own objectives.

Account Services

Exchange Services
You can exchange RMB to HKD, and vice versa, through savings account by using our Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, or at any of our outlets without any transaction amount limitation. You can also set standing instructions to automatically buy or sell RMB daily as a time-saving technique. The RMB Notes Exchange Services are also available at any of our outlets. In addition, we provide RMB Deliverable Forward (DF) / Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF) Contracts2 which help to protect you from the risk of RMB exchange rate fluctuations.

Cashier's Orders
We can provide you with this additional instrument to fulfill your need for flexible RMB payment methods.

Card Services

Credit Card
To save on your foreign exchange expenses, any purchases made with a Bank of Communications CUP Dual Currency Credit Card in Hong Kong will be settled in HKD, while transactions made in Mainland China is settled in RMB.

ATM Card3
Our Dual Currency Card allows you to conveniently manage your RMB / HKD account using ATMs in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China with no geographical limitation.

Transfer and Remittance Services

You can conveniently transfer RMB funds from your RMB account to other third-party RMB accounts at our Bank, or to other inter-bank RMB saving accounts in Hong Kong by visiting any of our outlets. You can also conveniently remit RMB from your RMB personal account at our bank to accounts in Mainland China if the name of the account holder is the same. The remittance amount is capped at a maximum of RMB80,000 per person per day.

Loans Services

Personal Customers may apply for a credit facility denominated in Hong Kong Dollars or other accepted currencies by pledging their RMB deposits as collateral.

Insurance Services

To suit your lifestyle and financial needs at every stage, you can apply for the insurance plan denominated in Renminbi11. The insurance application process is simple and straightforward, and will provide comprehensive protection for your loved ones while helping you to achieve your financial goals.

Cross-border Services

Cross-border Account Opening Services4
Hassle free cross-border account opening services without travelling abroad.

Cross-border Financial Convenience
Simply register your accounts maintained with our mainland branches via Internet Banking, and you can check account balances and transaction records5 of your mainland accounts as well as make instant fund transfers6 to the registered accounts.

Professional Cross-border Service7
Integrate with the “OTO FORTUNE” and experience VIP services in China.

Flexible and Convenient Channels for Financial Management

You can manage your RMB financial matters by visiting any of our outlets during office hours. You can also enquire transaction history, order cheque books, preset remittance instructions and place time deposits, among other services with our Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and ATM services. Further, you may simply dial our Customer Services Hotline at 223 95559 in Hong Kong to contact our mainland branches without incurring any long-distance call charges.

Other Information


RMB Services for Commercial Customers

To enhance the competitive advantage for our commercial customers in today's ever-growing cross-border trading business, our Bank provides RMB banking services including RMB current accounts, savings accounts, time deposits, remittance and two-way exchange of RMB for HKD or other foreign currencies.


 Terms & Conditions
1. "The Bank" refers to Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Limited.
2. This product is not principal protected. Should the exchange rate between the Chinese yuan and the US dollar (or other specified currencies) change between the time the transaction is entered into and the time it is settled, customers may bear a foreign exchange risk. Customers should note that this product is illiquid, which is not transferable or tradable. Customers should therefore be prepared to hold this investment until the settlement date.
3. Daily ATM card withdrawal limit is limited to maximum of HK$20,000 or equivalent.
4. Applicable only to BComBEST customers with Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents.
5. Transaction records of Pacific Debit Card's Renminbi Account (Reservation Fund) are available for last 2 trading days.
6. Only transfer in HKD and USD is accepted. The transfer should be made from Monday to Friday 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. The service is not available outside the above time period including Saturday/Sunday/Hong Kong Holidays/Mainland China Holidays.
7. Applicable only to BComBEST customers.
8. For the terms and conditions of BComBEST service, please refer to the relevant leaflet or contact our staff for details. 
9. RMB is currently not freely convertible and subject to restrictions. (It is subject to regulatory requirements applicable from time to time.)
10. The Bank reserves the right to change these service scopes of this leaflet at its discretion without prior notice. In the event of a dispute relating to this leaflet, the decision of the Bank shall be final and conclusive.
11. For the key features of the insurance plan, please refer to the product leaflet or factsheet of the relevant insurance plan. For details of the terms and conditions of the insurance plan, please refer to the prevailing policy provisions.

Risk Disclosure Statement
The above information is for reference only and is neither a recommendation, an offer, nor a solicitation for any investment product or service. Investors should note that all investment involves risks. Prices of investment products may go up as well as down and may even become valueless. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Investors should read carefully the offering documents and the relevant Risk Disclosure Statement before making any investment decision. You should carefully consider whether any investment product or service mentioned herein is appropriate for you in view of your personal circumstances and should seek independent professional advice if necessary. The investment decision is yours but you should not invest in the product unless the intermediary who sells it to you has explained to you that the product is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.

RMB Currency Risk Disclosure Statement
1. RMB is subject to exchange rate risk and is currently not freely convertible. Conversion of RMB or provision of RMB services through banks in Hong Kong is subject to relevant RMB policies, other restriction and regulatory requirements in Hong Kong. No prior notice will be given for any changes which may be made from time to time.

2. RMB products are subject to exchange rate fluctuations which may involve risks. The fluctuation in the exchange rate of RMB may make a gain or loss in the event that customer converts RMB into Hong Kong dollar or other foreign currencies.


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