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At BOCOM, employees are considered as the most valuable asset.  BOCOM actively invest in training and development to develop and strengthen competencies of staff members to deliver superior services for the Bank and customers. 


Our training programs are closely aligned to business's needs and in compliance with regulatory requirements.  Depending on their job roles, staff members would receive training in client services, banking operations, product knowledge, compliance, risk management, communication, management and leadership skills, etc. to enable staff members to perform their duties in professional manners.  Induction programs are offered to new joiners to help them integrate into BOCOM and understand the bank's  culture, core values, code of conduct, and banking practice, etc.  In addition, refresher training and development courses are also provided as appropriate to enrich their knowledge and skill sets. With training focus in both technical and soft skills, staff members will be equipped with the right kind of knowledge and expertise to excel in various roles and advance in their career.


Besides providing classroom training, BOCOM offers web-based learning to support the fast pace learning environment in BOCOM.  To encourage continuous learning, BOCOM also offers sponsorship and incentives to staff members who would like to further their education or enhance professional qualifications.

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