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SMS Alert Service Introduction

To help members of the public verify the identities SMS sender, and prevent fraudsters from sending scam SMS messages masquerading as banks ,effective from 28 January 2024, the Bank will use the following ‘Registered SMS Sender IDs’ with the prefix ‘#’ to send SMS messages to local subscribers of mobile services:


Please note that the Scheme is not applicable to local subscribers of Single-Card-Multiple-Numbers / One-Card-Two-Numbers mobile service provided by non-Hong Kong operators.

Our SMS alert service offers you the instant transaction message via mobile phones. While you are out of town, with registered SMS alert service, we will transmit the instant transaction SMS message to you accordingly when the transaction's done. From now on, you can instantly acknowledge your account/transaction status.

The application for SMS alert service is simple. Please visit one of our branches/sub-branches in Hong Kong and fill in the application form, then the service will be activated for you.

The service is free of charge. The transmission of SMS message is also free of charge.

SMS alert service includes:
1. Time Deposit Maturity (Common Deposit) SMS Alert Service
  • After registration, your existing and newly opened fixed deposit accounts will be activated with this service.
  • At the day of maturity, customers will receive the SMS message, guiding them to renew or withdraw the fixed deposit.

    2. Credit Card SMS Alert Service
    • Applicable to Platimum Card customers with designated Platinum Card Numbers.
    • When the designated Platinum Card spending amount is equal to or greater than the customer preset limit, the registered mobile phone number will receive the SMS message to let customers know the current status. This helps monitoring the Card Usage.

      3. Securities Services
      • One Time Password for Online Securities/ Securities Mobile Application
      • Instant securities trading order confirmation (Execution results)
      • IPO subscription allotment result

        4. Insurance Services: Online Application

        Successfully applied for the following insurance plans through Internet Banking or Mobile Banking (except Corporate Internet Banking), you will receive the instant SMS message through the mobile number, which you provided during the transaction, to let you know the transaction has been completed and as well as its policy number. For the successful travel insurance application (including: Single Trip and Annual Cover), SMS message will even show the 24 hours Worldwide Emergency Assistance Hotline to let you have emergency assistance services in event of any accident occurred during your trip.
        • Single Trip Travel Insurance
        • Annual Cover Travel Insurance
        • Medical Card
        • Home Insurance
        • Foreign Domestic Helper Insurance

          5. Precious Metals And FX Margin Trading Service Instant Transaction Messages
          • Transaction results of execution / expiration of the orders

          6. SMS Alert Service after instruction executed

          Once the following instruction(s) is successfully executed, your registered mobile phone number will receive the SMS message to let you know the current status of his/her instruction:
          • Pre-defined Bill Payment Instruction
          • Limit/Circular Order of Foreign Exchange
          • One-off/Recurring Instruction for fund transfer

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