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Nurturing with care to build a prosperous future

An enriched life and soul are everyone's dream. At BComBEST, we understand that nurturing with care today, makes for a brighter life tomorrow. We believe our professional and dedicated services can help you flexibly manage your wealth, enabling you to nurture the next generation and have a prosperous future.

With our extensive network and solid foundation, BComBEST Services let you enjoy privileged banking services at our various banking outlets all over Hong Kong and Mainland China. Helping you to master cross-border opportunities.


Join BComBEST Services now

You will have to maintain a monthly average aggregate daily credit balance* of HK$800,000 or above with the Bank, in order to continue to enjoy the services, products, privileges and benefits offered exclusively to BComBEST Customers. Please visit any of our branch/sub-branches, BComBEST Services Centre or call our customer services hotline for more information.


*  "Monthly average aggregate daily credit balance" is calculated on the basis of the aggregate credit balance of Savings Account, Current Account, Time Deposit Account, Securities Account, Equity Linked Investment Account, Debt Instrument Account, Investment Funds Account, FX Margin Trading Account-Cash, Structure Deposit and MPF Account, Outstanding Balance of Unsecured Loans Account and the Cash Values of Insurance Policies. If the Relevant Criteria is not satisfied, a monthly maintenance fee of HK$200 will be charged.


Market Updates

Comprehensive macroeconomic analysis and insights on market trends are available on our quarterly newsletters (Chinese version only) for your wise investment decisions.


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Customer Service
Customer Service Hotline: 223 95559
Email: enquiry@bankcomm.com.hk
Please visit any of our branch and sub-branches